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Pot #2 took me out shopping yesterday and for dinner and we grabbed drinks tonight before he heads back home. This is my second pot from Canada, maybe it’s a sign I should move? Haha Hmm
well he is very generous and while I was helping him get Xmas gifts for his family he bought me some cute goodies as well! We never talked about allowance directly but, hopefully before/during his next visit we will. He is a very respectable guy and didn’t push me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with (essential element for me before I will even think of sleeping with a pot) fingers crossed I can rope him into being my full time SD with a monthly allowance. On a different note POT Canada isn’t coming back up to Seattle until the 17th which gives me plenty of time to finish finals and get some Xmas shopping done as well. Hope all you ladies had a sugary weekend, keep hustling!

Ps-I am so obsessed with JC lita booties now they are so comfortable and cute, I want endless pairs :p
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